Why Your Old Garage Door Opener Must be Replaced – 4 Reasons

garage door opener

Garage door openers typically last for as long as 10 to 15 years. Even if your old garage door opener is working well, there are various reasons as to why you need to replace them. Advancements in technology has introduced newer and better models of garage door openers with improved features, safety, and security. Here are 4 reasons why you need to install new garage door openers in Boise for your home:

Automated Reversing Mechanism:

Since the early ‘90s, it has become mandatory for garage door openers to come equipped with a safety reverse mechanism. This is made possible with the help of two sensors that are placed almost 6 inches above the floor level on both sides of the door. When an object or a person passes through the light beam emitted by the sensors while the door closes, the reversing mechanism activates and the door reverses its direction.

This is one of the important reasons suggested by the experts of garage door repair in Boise for replacing your old garage door opener.

Improved Safety:

Experts of garage door repair in Boise suggests that older garage door openers are easily vulnerable to thieves. Your old garage door opener is operated by remote control with the help of a fixed code. Anyone with a special equipment will be able to find this code, enabling them to open your garage door. The latest garage door openers have a rolling code, with which a fresh code is generated every time you use the door. This way, fraudsters will never be able to create duplicates of the code and open your garage.

Battery Backup:

Old garage door openers will not work when there is a power outage. Imagine you leaving for work, and your garage door stops halfway due to power cut. That is just one of the many inconveniences of using an old garage door opener. On the bright side, today’s garage door openers come with battery backup systems. As soon as there’s a power cut, your garage door opener will be powered by batteries, enabling you to operate the door as usual.

Access Code Door Entry:

Old garage door openers do not have keypads that could be installed outside the garage. With this feature, you shall enter a code into a keypad to open the door. Sometimes it is possible to purchase a keypad and mount it with your existing garage door opener. If not compatible, it is worth upgrading to a new garage door opener.

Another obvious reason highlighted by the professionals of garage door repair in Boise ID to opt for the latest garage door openers is for its included smart home capabilities. This enables you to operate your garage door using your smartphone from any location. Get in touch with the experts for more information or to purchase a new garage door opener.