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Garage Door Installation

At the Garage Door Store Boise, we understand the importance of garage doors and have years of experience expertly installing them. If a garage door is not installed properly, it can impact the safety and security of your home, family, and belongings. We take the time to ensure every detail of your garage door installation is correct to not only maintain the safety of your home but also the convenience of a fully functional system.

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Expert Installation
and Thorough Safety Checks

We install many different garage door styles including carriage and standard. Throughout our garage door installation service, we perform checks to ensure the electronic function is in order. We have the experience, skills, and training to meet any of your garage door installation needs in the Treasure Valley.

We prioritize our customer satisfaction and our goal is to provide you with a long-lasting and effective garage door system. We respond quickly to any service request, our response time is the best in the area! From start to finish, trust the Garage Door Store to handle all of your garage door needs.

Custom Wood Garage Door with side windows

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