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Garage Door Store Inc Boise provides a complete range of repair services on all types of garage doors including:

  • Automatic garage doors
  • Commercial garage doors
  • Garage door panel repairs
  • Spring Change

Garage door repair problems big or small, residential or commercial, Garage Door Store Inc Boise can help!

Looking for expert garage door repair service in Boise, Garden City, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Kuna, Middleton, and Caldwell, call us today! Our technicians are here to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are licensed, bonded, insured and members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Check out our yelp reviews!

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Dual Spring Change


Includes Tax & Labor
10 Year Warranty
Torque tubes $359.00

Fix Your Garage Doors Today — Hire GarageDoor Store Boise

Many do not realize it, but their garage door is a crucial part of their homes. When you own vehicles, it is important to have a working garage door to ensure that the vehicles are safe from the harsh weather conditions and burglary. This is why you need to look for a good garage door repair Boise.

With GarageDoor Store Boise, you are in good hands. We are the best Boise garage door repairin town. We can help you with any of your garage door problems.

Common Garage Door Problems

And speaking of garage door problems, here are the most common that would need the services of a garage door repair Boise:

  • Garage Door Openers – Often, the problem with garage door openers are brought about by its age. At some point, they just stop working, especially when there are a lot of power issues. It may cause problems such as the inability to fully close.
  • Opener Remotes – Like garage door openers, opener remotes also cause problems when they have been used for too long. Moreover, since they are commonly made with switches and buttons, they can wear down through time.
  • Roller Replacement – There are times that you would need to hire a garage door repair Boise ID contractor to work on the rollers. Rollers are the ones responsible for seamlessly running the garage door up and down. When you notice that the garage door becomes noisy or it stops working together, then it needs a replacement.
  • Bent Track – The track is where the rollers run to make sure that the door closes and opens smoothly. There is a track on each side of the door and if one of them gets damaged or bent, the entire garage door will be affected. Fortunately, fixing bent tracks of garage doors Boise is one of our specialties.
  • When should I replace a garage door with a new one?

    You need to replace your garage door with a new one if your garage door hasn’t run properly for a while, if it is too old, you have had a break in, your door lacks child safety features, and your door is severely damaged. However, do not try to fix it on your own. Contact a professionally trained garage door dealer for garage door repairs.  For more details about garage door repair in Boise, talk to our professionals @ 208 514 2871.  

  • How do I choose a good company for garage door repair in Boise?

    The best thing you could do is ask for reference and call or visit the team to find out what services they are offering. Also be sure to look for testimonials on a company’s website and never hesitate to ask for references you can contact when you talk to the company.  Look for signs that the company is legitimate and check that the company is licensed. garage doors in Boise, call us on 208 514 2871 to get a free quote for installation.

  • Can I install the garage door myself?

    No! It is advisable to have a professional install your new garage door. Garage door installation requires special tools and training, and if they are not appropriately handled your new door can be damaged, and it can compromise the safety and security of your home. Professionals know how to install garage doors and have the necessary tools to do the job right saving you time and money. If you are looking for garage doors in Boise, call us on 208 514 2871 to get a free quote for installation.

  • What is garage door tune-up?

    A garage door tune-up is the most affordable and efficient way to enhance your garage door’s operations and lifespan. Investing in garage door tune-up ensures that your door will continue to work properly in the future without any expensive Boise garage door repair. Plus, it eliminates the chances of problems within the door and other safety hazards.

  • Why did my garage door stop working?

    When your garage door won’t open or close, there are few things that can cause this problem including the photo eye is blocked, remote control malfunction, the torsion springs are broken, the limit needs adjustments, the transmitter batteries are dead,  block in the door’s path and the track is not aligned correctly.  Contact a professional garage door company right away to handle garage door repair in Boise ID.

Why Hire Us?

Sure, you can try DIY fixing for your garage doors but if you do not have the right knowledge and tools to do it, you may just be doing more harm than good. In fact, you will be putting yourself at risk.

To ensure a job well done, you need professionals like us at GarageDoor Store Boise to do your garage door repair Boise. Here are the reasons why:

  • Ensure Safety: In any situation, safety should always be the priority. The skilled professionals in our team are trained to observe proper safety measures to avoid injuries and accidents while working on your garage doors. With our help, you can avoid getting your fingers pinched or being hit by heavy metals.
  • Efficiency: With our years of experience, we know exactly what to do to fix specific jobs. If the problem is in your tracks, we have the right tools that are efficient and will ensure that the job is done the right way.
  • Speed: We only use the most effective tools when we fix your garage door problems. With our quality tools, equipment, and experience, we will get the job done efficiently at lightning speed!