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 Service and Repair your existing Garage Door

Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance in Boise

We Service and Repair your existing Garage Door or Replace it with something Modern and Reliable.

With over 30 years of experience we get the job done right! Spring changes, opener replacement, doors off track, or general maintenance can be done the same day you call. If you have questions or need technical assistance please give us a call 24/7 and talk to a technician.

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We also provide effective repair and maintenance services for overhead garage doors in Boise.

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Can I fix the jammed garage door myself or should I take the help of experts?

There could be different reasons that could cause your garage door to be jammed, and not every issue can you fix it by yourself. If there is an obstruction in your door’s track, you can remove it by yourself, but if the springs of your garage door are broken, you definitely need an expert’s help to repair or replace the springs. Call 208-514-2871 for a free In house consultation on garage door repair in Boise.

How should I take care of my newly Installed Garage Door?

This care procedure is applicable for all Garage Doors Boise, whether newly installed or dated back. Annual Inspection of your Garage doors is highly recommended, along with the typical safety practices – Lubricating the hinges, inspecting the spring systems, and testing the reverse system of the doors regularly.

Why should I choose your Garage Door Repair Services?

We offer the most reliable garage door repair in Boise at affordable rates! We charge only $189 for Dual Spring Change, which is inclusive of Tax & Labor. Moreover we are very FAST with our services and work 24/7 days a week. We are licensed, bonded and insured in offering a complete range of garage door repair services, including – Automatic garage doors, Commercial garage doors, Garage door panel repairs and Spring Change.

Why should I choose a professional service for Garage Door Installation?

You must opt for a professional service for your Garage Door Installation in Boise, if you don’t want to compromise on the safety and security of your house. When experts handle the Door installation, they will increase your home’s energy efficiency, saving so much on your regular bills. Also, you can rest assured that the job will be completed correctly on time.

What Should I do if my Garage Door doesn’t open when I press the button?

First, you have to check if the opener has electric power. To check this, plug a lamp into the outlet where the opener is plugged into. If it does not light, check the circuit breaker. If you find that there is power to the operator, then it could be a mechanical or electric problem within the garage door, which needs to be sorted out by a professional specialized in garage door repair in Boise. If it is a winter season, there are chances that snow might have got beneath, freezing the door to the ground. In this case, pull the emergency release cable and lift the door manually, if the door does not support with lift, then the chances are that the springs might have been broken, which again has to be replaced only by an expert.