Types of Garage Doors

There are four different types of garage doors available in the market. They are categorized as follows:

Roller Door

It is an automatic rolling up door. It saves space in the driveway making it ideal for a small garage. It rolls up towards the ceiling making way for your vehicle to move in and out. It is mostly made with aluminum strips. It works well for almost all types of garages.

Swing Hung

This is much like a normal door. It hangs on the corner of the garage and opens wide. It allows for traditional designs in the garage. It makes transformation of garage to a room easier.


This type of door is a modification of up and over garage door. It skips the swing and just moves up vertically. A push upwards takes the door to ceiling. It works well in small and large garages.


This type of door innovatively fits in the ceiling after opening. The door first comes out like a swing and then fits up parallel to the ceiling. It is ideal for a spacious garage because of wide space requirement.

You must choose the type of door according to the size of your garage, your requirements, comfort and personal choice. You can get custom garage doors by hiring a garage door expert in Boise. These custom doors are designed with qualities of different types of doors based on your needs. There are two basic categories of custom doors- wooden custom doors and carriage custom doors.

Remember it is always best to save time and money by hiring a Garage Door Repair service right here in Boise and Nampa.