Types of Garage Door Openers

Open Garage Door

When going out to buy new openers for garage doors, Boise homeowners will be surprised to find the wide variety available on the market today. Below is a brief description on the different types of openers to make shopping easier:

Type of drive: There are three types of drive for door openers: Chain, belt and screw.

Chain openers are the oldest and the noisiest. They are still very popular but since they are noisy, it is best to avoid them if your garage is close to the bedrooms. Belt openers operate like chain openers except that they are quieter and cost more than other openers. Screw openers are the easiest to install require very little maintenance.

Power: A standard two car garage door runs on 1/2 horsepower, while a one car door can run on a small motor. For heavy doors, a 3/4 horsepower opener is usually sufficient. It is better to go for more power because the price difference isn’t significant.

Size: A standard door is usually 7 feet tall and will openers will accommodate doors up to six inches taller than that.

Security: A garage door opener with a rolling code feature is great for security as burglars aren’t able to access the code easily, preventing a break in.

Remote control: A standard garage door opener comes with two remote control units.

Wall control: This is a standard feature in a garage door opener. It can be used to open and close the door or to turn on and off the lights.

Warranty: Some openers have lifetime warranty while others have a ten year warranty. Belts and chains and other such components have a shorter warranty period.

When installing garage doors, Boise homeowners must sample a number of models before making a final choice.