Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

Glass glass garage door

Your home garage door in Boise is probably something you take for granted. If you press the button on the remote, you can park your car inside, and with the simple press, you can close the door. But it turns into a headache if it doesn’t work properly. In such cases, you may have a doubt, do I want to repair or replace the garage door. Here, we will give you some idea, which will help you to make a right decision.

Sign to Repair the Garage Door

In more cases, you can fix the garage door issues and there is no necessity to replace or install the new garage door.

Such problems are,

  1. Slight Squealing

Slight squealing is nothing to worry about. It is the cause of dirt and debris, which stuck in the track and develops such sound. Another reason of squealing sound is, out of alignment. This could be due to moving parts, which are not installed properly.

  1. Uneven space when Garage Door is closed

If you noticed, your garage door has an uneven garage door moment, then it may be either track issues or spring issues. If you hire the professional who specializes in garage door repair Boise, the well-trained team will analyze the exact problem and restore its normal operation.

  1. without Any Warning, the Garage Door Stops Operating

It is the most common problem, which the house owners used to report frequently. The cause of this problem is photo-eye sensor obstruction. If it occurs, realign the sensor with the help of professions. If the sensor is not the issue, the professional will analyze the issue and fix it.

Sign to Replace Your Garage Door

  1. Lack of Child Safety Feature

Today, the garage doors have come up with the lot of features, which is specially designed to keep the kids and pets safe.

If you don’t have such featured garage door, upgrade your old one with these up to date new garage door and install it with the help of the professionals.

  1. Loud Sound and Vibration

No need to worry about squealing, by applying lubricant you can fix the problem. But if you used to head unreasonable loud sound and vibration, then it’s smart to call the professional. This is because the garage door parts are rubbing against each other and cause excess friction. It leads to the big accident.

  1. Appearance

Appearance plays the main role in selling the house. Installing a new garage door improves the appearance and value of your home. Did you know if you spend $2000 on a new garage door installation in Boise, you can increase the value of your house by almost $8000 if you have a worth of $200,000 home? If you’re planning to replace your garage door to make a good impression on potential buyers, then be sure not to go for looks alone.


Believe are not, repairing or replacing the garage door is a very dangerous task. Messing something up by attempting DIY can ends up in a much more expensive bill. So do some research and hire the right professional, who specializes in both garage door repair and garage door installation in Boise.