Problems You May Have To Face Because Of The Moving Parts In An Overhead Garage Door

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Overhead garage doors are one of the largest objects in any home. Therefore, it may need your attention often. The door also has many moving parts such as the hinges, opener, rollers, and springs etc. These parts can wear out, break or get misaligned. If any of the parts does not function properly, the whole door may stop working altogether. Even if the overall condition of the door is not affected, it is advised to solve these small repairs as soon as possible.

According to National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, 224 people were injured due to unrepaired garage doors in 2007. There are plenty of experts available for these simple garage door repairs in Boise. More information are given below,

Spring repairs

If the garage door spring breaks, it is often accompanied by a loud noise. Then you may have to either adjust the garage door or replace them. There are two types of spring in a garage door,

Extension springs

– This type of spring is stretched along with the overhead track on each side of the door.

Torsion springs

– This type of spring is placed on the header above the door and is connected to the either side of the door with the help of a round rod.

Of the above two, extension springs are easy to repair but you may need to find an expert to repair torsion springs in Boise.


Most of the residential doors have four panels that are connected together by means of hinges. The hinges hold the panels together as the door moves over the track. Hinges are made of metal and they can get rusty or even break. In this case, replacing the hinge may be only way. On the other hand sometimes the hinges may become sticky and starts to produce noise which can be solved by lubrication.


The rollers guide the garage door to move up and down the track and help them to move freely. A typical garage door has ten rollers. These rollers slides in a sleeve attached to the door. If the roller does not slide properly then you can lubricate them which give immediate result. Rollers can also get rusty and can corrode as they are made of metals. Then you may have to replace the roller.


The Tracks in garage doors are responsible to keep them properly aligned. A poor alignment can cause the door to bind or not open all. On a serious note, a loose track may cause the door to fall too. The Problem with the tracks may come in two ways. If the track is too close, the rollers will bind against the hinge and if it is too far, the roller may pull out of the hinge. You may either have to adjust the track or replace them.

Though most of the repairs are due to minor snags and can be easily remedied with simple steps, it is recommended to call for a professional help to avoid any dangers involved in the process.