How to Choose Garage Door Installation Service

Door installation services

With several companies claiming to be the best, it is often difficult to choose a company for garage door installation. Boise homeowners must keep the following points in mind when choosing a garage door installation company:

  1. Ask your friends for recommendations of good garage door companies. Since everybody requires the service at some point, you are likely to get good advice.
  2. Get estimates from more than one business and ask thoroughly about total minimum charges (basic fee, travel, labor, parts, etc.) and also ask about warranties.
  3. Do not blindly believe advertisements or online listings. Always research and find out the exact reputation of the company.
  4. Talk to past customers and find out how satisfied they were with the service.
  5. Ask the company for references. A genuine company will happily provide you with a list of happy customers.
  6. Make sure the business has a published physical address and a proper office.
  7. Be wary of a company if it demands pre-payment. Never pay for an entire job in advance and avoid paying in cash whenever possible.
  8. In case of repair, be present while the work is being done. Some fraudulent companies have been known to purposefully break parts and then replace them.
  9. Before installation or repair, make sure you understand the agreement and the costs involved. Ask questions and don’t authorize work to be done until they clearly explain everything.
  10. A reputed company will never ask for full payment at first. Make sure the business is genuine before even paying a deposit.

Being a little careful about garage door installation, Boise homeowners can save hundreds of dollars. Always engage in thorough research before choosing a garage door service.