Garage Door Repair and Maintenance and Tips

Glass glass garage door

The garage door is one of the largest movable section of any house. So, it requires regular maintenance, whole year around in order to function properly. Even if the problem is small, it has to be addressed immediately. If not, the small problems may become serious, forcing you to shell out large amount of money. Here are few tips on garage door repair in Boise that you need to check before calling a professional.

Check Metal Track for Damages

Though it is the easiest tip, it can solve the problems quickly. Often, you may find dents or bumps on the metal tracks. All that you need to do is, knock that part out of the track with the help of a hammer or any hard object and straighten the track.

Check the Tracks for Proper Alignment

In case, the tracks are not aligned properly, it may affect the function of the door. Depending on the condition, you can either unscrew the tracks or just loosen the bolts and screws to tap the tracks back into position. To ensure if the tracks are aligned correctly, you can use a level check.

Lubricate the Tracks

Lubricating the tracks and rollers, fixes the problems of your garage door in no time. You can either use a lubricant spray or silicon spray. It is recommended to lubricate the tracks once you finish cleaning them. All the movable parts will benefit from lubrication.

If you have tried with all these garage door repair tips, but still none of them worked, then it is time to call a professional. For complete repair and maintenance of garage doors in Boise, contact Garage Door Store Boise