Common Signs That Indicate Your Garage Door Needs Service or Repair

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Garage doors are used every day, but, homeowners rarely take time to examine its condition and performance. Most of the homeowners don’t think about it until something goes terribly wrong.

When you have a problematic garage door, it comprises the safety of your home. Besides, when garage door repairs are left unattended, it not only risks further damages, but they can also become dangerous to you and your family. However, the sooner you identify and fix the garage malfunctions, the less damage and cost you will have later on.

Here, we have outlined most common signs that indicate your garage door is in need of service so that you won’t have to pay for expensive garage door repair Boise in the long run and prevent any potential risk that may arise.

Annoying noise

It the most obvious sign that is something wrong with your garage door. Though the garage door makes some noise, it should be smooth and regular. If the garage doors make some strange noise or the sound is growing more wrenching while opening or closing, you likely need to have the door serviced.

The strange noise may be due to a damaged motor or due to lack of lubrication on the springs. Keep in mind that springs are under immense tension should you should never try to fix or replace door springs on our own. Let the professional deal with the faulty garage doors Boise.

The garage door doesn’t open or close

If your garage doors refuse to open or close, it needs to be repaired. It may be due to a bad connection between the door and the control panel, or a malfunction. Make sure that nothing is blocking the door from closing and also try the controllers to ensure that the door isn’t moving at all before you call a professional.

Slow response time

If your garage door takes too much of time to close or open, there must be something wrong with your door or the opener. Typically, a garage door must open or close within a few seconds once you press the opener. Get it inspected by a garage door repair professional.

High energy bills

If you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home, you must consider replacing your old door with a new one. Latest model garage doors are made to be more energy efficient. If you are getting high energy bills even after less usage, it may be due to your old garage doors as well. By upgrading the door, you will be able to save money on your energy bills in the long run. Call in a professional for garage door installation Boise.

Sagging garage door

If your garage door is one side lower than the other, especially when it is halfway closed, it is a tell-tale sign your garage door is uneven, or balance alignment is off. It may be caused due to worn tension spring, dulled rollers, and dulled tracks. Do not try to repair the components of your own, especially if you have no experience. Always hire a professional for garage door repair Boise.