3 Tests for Avoiding Garage Door Repairs

multiple garage doors in a row

You can save huge repair costs if you take care of these little things about your garage door. A garage door is a working functioning machine which needs lubricant, cleanliness, proper channeling and adjustments from time to time. Just like cars, or any other machinery we often end up paying huge repair charges. These charges can be avoided if we act sooner and call an expert in time. Here are three checks which can save your garage door repair cost:

Door Balance Test

This test checks basic functionality of the door. First, remove your garage door opener. Then, lift the door and move it up. You should not have any trouble moving the door. If it doesn’t move smoothly then call a garage door repair expert in Boise to correct it immediately. Your garage door should also stay put about 3 to 4 feet above the ground level.

Safety Reversal Test

You must perform this test after you get a positive result from door balance test. Place a two by four sized block in the center of the garage door. Bring the door down. The door should swing back up as it hits the block.

Monthly Inspection

It is important to carry out monthly inspection of pulleys, springs, cables and rollers to ensure smooth functioning of the door. Check for signs of rust and need for oiling.

Simple steps of garage door maintenance help you avoid any inconvenience of caused by dysfunctional doors. Take these small tests to avoid garage door repairs in Boise.